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Monitoring all your critical systems.

System integration is critical in almost any middle and upwards sized company.

With a multitude of systems downstream of integration points it is becoming more and more important to have centralised monitoring tools.


Watchdog is a system monitoring tool that sends out SMS’s when key systems go down and when they are up again. This gives all invested parties up to the minute information.


“A distributed system is one in which the failure of a computer you didn't even know existed can render your own computer unusable” - Leslie Lamport


Live System monitoring and response - Watchdog

Watching integrated systems and giving feedback directly into the hands that need the information.


Most monitoring solutions require people watching screens and then pulling out manuals and executing procedure. Watchdog on the other hand can identify problems and communicate directly with the right people. Both the technical staff that need to resolve the issue and management that needs to be aware of issues as they happen.


Long term management or system health - Watchdog Enterprise

Whilst technical issues are literally impossible to avoid altogether it is still possible to reduce down time. With Watchdog Enterprise edition you can inspect complete system behaviour. Identify key places where system stability has the most effect. Knowing what to focus on is critical to improving a systems stability.


Watchdog Enterprise is your key to understanding your systems long term behaviour .

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