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Watchdog Features

Database Watchdog

Database’s are critical to any business. Watchdog includes features to check almost any database’s availability.


SQL Query tests

Knowing the availability of your database is one thing. But to measure performance or report on any potential data issues. The SQL Watcher is a critical system monitoring tool.


Web Services tests

Soap web services are an industry standard today and have become common place in integration. Weather testing your own Web Services or a 3rd parties. Watchdog SOAP tester is the solution.


HTTP Post tests

Many integrations use standard HTTP post technology. Watchdog includes tools to monitor these, be they ASP, PHP or Java. Practically any HTTP interface.


File log scanning

Most systems write to a file log at some point. Watchdog includes parsers for reading Logs. Tracing an applications output is at times the only interface to it’s current status.


Integrates to Watchdog Enterprise

Each Watchdog installation keeps minimum logs of events. However at times longer term tracking of System up and down time is required. Watchdog Enterprise is a centralised solution for just that. Collating data from many Watchdog units and providing reporting and a Dashboard for total system health monitoring.



Watchdog works with GSM modems. Most of our competitors use EMAIL then proceed to do SMS via a EMAIL proxy. This is really an unsuitable solution. Not only does that EMAIL-SMS process take additional time it prone to the same issues your environment in prone to. Anything that monitors an environment must be able to communicate no matter what happens to the environment.



This describes how long Watchdog keeps history records for before discarding them. The Basic version holds no history, while the Standard version keeps its history for one month.



Continuous updates on all systems within a company SLA measurements as well as historical information.



Reporting on historical behaviour of all systems. Helps to find potential related issues between systems as well as identifying passably the cause of a cascading failure. Time related events that might effect system stability.


Integrate Multiple units

Gathering data from various Watchdog solutions potentially anywhere with offline ability to gather information making sure not one second of time is lost.